by Kathleen & Jim Mazzotta

The faces are gradually built up with clay just like a forensics expert who works to recreate the image of a missing person! Muscles, mouth parts, eyes are positioned before adding thicker layers of clay.

Final touches are added to the eyes to make them look as real as possible with pearlescent paint. Then varnish is added to give them a realistic gloss.

Some crazy island characters have found their way to Jungle Drums: Potheads! Goofy but functional, you can pot flowers or "medicinal" botanicals in em. Sculpted by Kathleen and Jim, no two potheads are alike. We use real terra cotta pots.

The lifelike teeth are vintage porcelain teeth used for making dentures back in the 50s in my father's dental practice. Depending on the size of the pot, they start at $195 to $245. Follow our instagram account to see the latest characters in progress. They sell out quickly!


"Da Boss"

8" tall cylinder pot $245

"H&R Blockhead"

8" tall pot $225

"Mr. Saturday Night"

6" tall pot $225


8" tall pot $225


6" tall pot $195

"Toothpick Tony"

6" tall pot $195


6" tall pot $195




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