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Archive Journal from November 2014  - by Jim Mazzotta


It's been a long hot summer on Captiva Island which is a good time for Kathleen and I to hunker down in our studio with the AC cranked down to super cool! It also helps to have toys to play with to get the creative juices flowing or down a cold beer while watching the sunset on the Gulf of Mexico.

The pace is slower on Captiva and Sanibel and this is the best time to bring some ideas to fruition.  Although we consider ourselves painters, we also work in other media such as glass, wood or mixed media. These days we've been sculpting some whimsical, functional clay pieces. For inspiration we look to the local critter population and how they kick back when they're on island time! Seems they have the same habits as most of us: relaxing, toasting the sunsets, reading a good book. Basically looking for a place to park their butt!

Lots of breathtaking Captiva sunsets for inspiration.

Jim demonstrates the fine art of bubble blowing. Hot air required!

We've created a collection of photo frames and Adirondack chairs with laid back wildlife caught chillin'. Detail of 5 O'Croc Somewhere shown below by yours truly. Safest way to get your photo with a gator is to buy this and pop your own pix into the frame behind him! With all the hundreds of cell photos collecting unseen on your smart phone, there's gotta be a least one decent shot you'd want to show off.

 Below left, Kathleen has created a manatee family reading books together entitled Schoolin'. Yes, books! Who knew manatees still read paper books! It's only a matter of time before they each get a cell phone and ignore each other. Buy this art before that happens! See more in our Chairs Collection.

See more from this one of a kind collection. Visit our CHAIR COLLECTION.

Manatee Family by Kathleen Onda Mazzotta with 6x4 photo frame

Pelicatessen by Jim Mazzotta. The fish are freshly caught on this piece.



Since we're all on island time, clocks are sort of non-essential around here. When the sun starts to set, we know it's happy hour; when the stomach starts to growl, it's time for some boiled shrimp. So clocks need to be a bit more creative and fit in with our island lifestyle.

 Behold the Clocktopus! No way you can't afford not to have one of these unique time pieces. At left is one gem in progress by Jim. Below, a finished blue/green Clocktopus by Kathleen with painted undersea dial. Both are sculpted with epoxy clay on metal working retro style clocks. See more choices on our CLOCK COLLECTION.


by Jim Mazzotta

We're always creating unique, one of a kind art pieces. Sometimes we'll find an old frame, a discarded metal object or some encrusted piece of wood blown apart by a hurricane that make for interesting surfaces to paint or sculpt on. Here are some distressed or beat up creations that have come out of the studio recently.

ABOVE: A somewhat rusty, oversized bottlecap sign makes for a really great, textured surface to paint on. I'm just putting the finishing touches on one of my classic happy hour macaws. Perfect for that tiki bar or man cave.

In keeping with the old sign motif, I found this retro soda sign and reworked it to capture the bubbly, fun nature of Captiva Island. Measures about 3 foot tall and includes real magnetized bottle caps to attach old fashioned notes.

For dealing with  real bottles of brew, ya gotta have a cool, hand painted bottle opener. Heavy duty opener centered right above provides a convenient metal basin to catch all those tops.

I speak several languages of fish.

 Here's an alternative for you chronic texters: a chalk board! Leave notes without any of those annoying digital footprints. Once it's erased, it's gone - even from the NSA! Only the fish will know. Made of clay and beat up wood.


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