Welcome to our studio in a behind the scenes preview of the creative process in action. We take abstract ideas and bring them to life in paint, clay, wood and other mediums.


Airbrushing a jellyfish painting
Loggerhead Sea Turtle painting by Jim Mazzotta
Jellyfish with loggerhead sea turtle and fish school


We recently received a commission to create a table with whatever subject matter we would like to do. The table itself was a 48" long vintage coffee table circa1950s.

Jellyfish make for great illustrative interpretations with color and shape and we had included them as secondary elements in other pieces. We decided to make it the primary focus on this very large format. Working together we alternate back and forth on various sections of the table until both of us determine that it looks just right!

ABOVE: The first step was to sketch out the bare bones structure of the jellyfish using a soft white pencil. Intense highlight areas were strengthened with white acrylic paint.


RIGHT: Kathleen then airbrushes soft white tones on the jelly to give it a 3D effect.

LEFT: Once the jelly has been painted with an undercoat of soft whites, then Jim airbrushes transparent colors over the body of the jellyfish.

RIGHT: After the jelly dome is completed, then fine details like the stingers are added using metallic paints with a standard tiny brush. Pearlescent paints are lightly brushed on the dome which will reflect the light and impart a glimmer effect.

ABOVE AND BELOW: A fish school gets detailed along with a lone loggerhead turtle with old fashioned brush work. More stingers can now be intertwined with the fish to pull the entire composition together.

The final painting! Now completed, a final coat of gloss polymer is applied to protect the art. The thick reflective coat also gives the illusion of peering at the creatures underwater.

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