by Kathleen & Jim Mazzotta

Kathleen Mazzotta paints Manatee Family in the Mangroves
JIm Mazzotta paints Manatee Family in the Mangroves
Manatee Family in the Mangroves Table

Kathleen and Jim work on their respective sides of the table as they bring the painting to completion. Various techniques including airbrush are used to add depth to the image.


Kathleen and Jim are now collaborating on all sorts of hand painted table tops. Mixing creativity with functionality is the primary goal and it has resulted in some memorable unique visions of island imagery. Each table is painted in great detail using airbrush acrylics, metallic paints, crushed glass, resins and other materials to bring depth to each scene.

A recent example is this Manatees and Turtles table titled Mangroovin'. Kathleen started on the left side while Jim worked on the right. Eventually they met up in the middle and worked together on a couple of baby loggerheads! Lots of great detail, metallic effects and a final coat of gloss resin makes for a rich underwater effect.

Measures 48x16x33" tall. SOLD

Great Blue Heron in the Mangroves Table Top
Great Blue Heron in the Mangroves Table Top


This was an interesting project that began with a hand carved, vintage gaming table found by a friend. Probably from the 1930s, it was encrusted with dirt over the decades. A bit of gentle cleaning revealed what was left of a beautiful floral painting on top. Rather than eliminating the design, Jim kept the flaking image and worked it into the Heron and mangrove scene. Distressed areas were left within the scene to add textural interest to the painting.

Measures 24" x 24" x 29" tall". $2100

Table top before a gentle cleaning.

Octopus sculpture on Ocean Table
Octopus sculpture on Ocean Table
Octopus sculpture on Ocean Table


Several different techniques are at work on this unique aquatic side table. The Octopus is hand sculpted with epoxy clay and can be repositioned anywhere on the table top. The rolling tide is our custom studio recipe utilizing acrylic paint, airbrush medium, silicone and metallic paint to achieve a lush ocean swirl.


Custom drawer pulls and metal corners accent the modulated tones of the chest.

By Jim Mazzotta. Measures 18" x 14" x 27" tall". $1600



A common sight along our edges of the Gulf of Mexico are large schools of sting rays hovering like so many flying carpets. Its a beautiful natural pattern interpreted here with airbrushed metallic acrylic paints. The rays glisten in the light which is heightened by a thick pour of protective resin on the table top giving the illusion of deep shimmering water.


Stingrays foyer table

By Jim Mazzotta

Measures 48" x 12" x 30" tall". $3200

Stingray and turtles painting

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