s you safari in Jungle Drums Gallery, prepare to experience an unforgettable collection of wildlife art. Serious collectors as well as admirers of beautiful art will be impressed with a broad diversity of work and price range.

From life-size bronze sculptures to elegantly crafted jewelry, each piece offers something different. The gallery is more than a place to buy art; it’s a visual delight to experience and a refuge to appreciate the tremendous diversity of wildlife.

A stunning variety of art mediums is presented that includes bronze, copper, wood, glass, clay, original paintings, limited edition prints and more. Our drums are beating out a message of environmental conservation as well as appreciation of the arts that we hope will be heard far and wide.

- Owners/Artists Kathleen & Jim Mazzotta


An artful menagerie thrives in our Captiva jungle where you'll find rooms full of eye catching creations from local, national and international artists.

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One of Captiva's longtime landmarks has been retired after many years of service. The Giant Chair that sat for over 25 years is being replaced with a new big guy! Children who had their photos taken in it years ago now return as adults with their children. The backrest from the old chair is parked across the driveway to live out its remaining years under a shady palm. You can follow the chair progress on Instagram.

You can also find our most current efforts posted above on Instagram. Just follow Jim Mazzotta for the latest projects along with fun commentary on our processes. You can communicate with us via email or leave a message on our gallery phone. See you on Island soon!

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A friendly Gator will be our new chair mascot!

We recently began a large commissioned piece from an avid sailor who owns a classic 1970s sailboat here on Captiva. On board was a folding galley table need was in need of a seaworthy sprucing up.

A rough concept was agreed upon that centered on a swimming sea turtle. Quite a few base coats were added for the underwater tones needed.

The heavy detail work begins with lots of masking to facilitate all the airbrushing required for bringing the fish to life. Subtle gradients brushed in give deep dimension to the sealife.

With most of the detail work finished, it's time to go back into the art and add small details, perform touchups, strengthen shadows and highlights to bring it all together. With any luck, we'll get a ride on the boat!

Get more inside views of our works in progress before they join the gallery! Click below to see more pieces coming out of our tree top studio.


CRITTER CHAIRSA unique assortment of chair photo frames with 3D sculptures of island wildlife chilling out!


More creative pieces that you  won't want to miss!

Driftin' the Night Away Mermaid airbrushed Clock

ISLAND CLOCKSAirbrushed timepieces that capture the essence of the Captiva Island lifestyle.

POTHEADSA unique assortment of chair photo frames with 3D sculptures of island wildlife chilling out!

COASTAL TABLESHand painted tables that will be a focal point of any home looking for a taste of our island lifestyle.

ISLAND SIGNS3D sculpted clay characters on wood with timely and whimsical messages.


A collection of original coastal images printed on rustic wood with your location.


A family album of hand sculpted animal portraits mounted on rustic wood boxes for your wall.


A family album of hand sculpted animal portraits mounted on rustic wood boxes for your wall.

athleen and Jim create original artwork for sale and offer reproductions of their art on various mediums that include apparel, clocks, framed art, signage and more. Here you can tour just some of their collections for your home or office.

Click on our CONTACT link above for questions and availability on artwork shown here. Many pieces are one of a kind and don't always make it on to our site but we can email the latest images upon request. Commissions are also accepted depending on the scope of the project.


GALLERY PORTFOLIO by Jim & Kathleen Mazzotta


ORIGINAL TEES by Jim Mazzotta

Searching for those fantastic coastal and happy hour lifestyle tees by Jim Mazzotta? We have a lot of designs and shirt colors now available exclusively through our Amazon partner Good Life Shirts. And don't miss our fun take on the Covid lifestyle with Jim's unmistakable and often imitated illustrative style.


This is how chillin' is done down in the islands with friends!

FEATURED WORK by Kathleen & Jim


One of our latest efforts is a 4 foot long rustic table featuring manatees and turtles. Our technique includes a lot of airbrushed acrylic paint along with standard brush work to tighten up edges and detailed areas.

Metallic paints and other refractive materials are used in strategic areas to enhance the illusion of shimmering water. The table top has a rough finish which adds to the depth and texture of the final painting. A final coat of gloss polymer epoxy coats the art which gives the piece the ultimate underwater look.

Kathleen airbrushes soft tones on swimming baby turtles.

Jim adds detail to mangrove roots jutting out from the main art giving the image a stronger 3D effect.

Carved drawers on Manatee table
Manatee table in progress
Manatee and Turtle table in progress
Detail of turtle painting
Manatees and Turtle Table

The final Mangroovin' table top ready for its closeup! It features 2 hand carved drawers.

Available for $3800. Measures 40" long x 16" wide x 31" tall.

2021 GALLERY HOURS: 11:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. MONDAY - FRIDAY.  CLOSED WEEKENDS

Operating hours may vary as we are working artists and creativity can happen at any time!   Call 239-395-2266